Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Web:museums] The Art Walters Museum : Thoth - Ibis


ca. 320-250 BC (early Greco-Roman)
Egyptian faience with blue and green glaze
H: 15/16 x W: 1/4 x D: 1 5/16 in. (2.45 x 0.65 x 3.4 cm)

The Ibis was the sacred bird of Thoth, patron deity of scribes and writing and god of wisdom. Thoth recorded the results of the judgment of the deceased in the underworld in a ceremony called the "weighing of the heart." Wearing the amulet placed the deceased under the protection of the god. This amulet displays a recumbent Ibis on a base with a loop on the back, directly behind its head.

Acquired by Henry Walters
Centre Street: Second Floor: Egyptian Art
early Ptolemaic Dynasty

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