Monday, May 23, 2011

[Izlozbe] Kleopatrin svet u Kopenhagenu

Cleopatra’s World 29.4.2011 - 7.8.2011 

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and lover of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the meeting of East and West! An experience for visitors to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.
The name Cleopatra still has a powerful air of mystery, 2000 years after her death. Cleopatra put herself in the eye of the hurricane and took an active part in the political power struggles with Rome which changed the course of world history.

At the exhibition Cleopatra’s World visitors come face to face with the past. Myth and mystique are presented side by side with historical knowledge.

The exhibition presents art from Cleopatra’s own era and examples of modern, popular depictions of the Queen of Egypt. 

Lectures on Cleopatra’s World   

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